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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Creatures and beaches and cocktails, oh my! :)

I had a whole day to myself to be a complete tourist in Singapore on Tuesday, so I went for it! (Apologies if you've already seen a couple of these photos in my Twitter feed!)

In the morning I went to Underwater World and stroked two different kinds of rays ^^ I love rays. They're like dogs, the way swim to the edge of the tank and jump up for food and petting.

This one is called a cow-nose ray, apparently!

I also saw some other pretty underwater creatures including an unusual kind of seahorse and dolphins.

I had no idea that Underwater World was on such a beautiful beach- Siloso, "the hippest beach in Singapore", apparently! I was absolutely kicking myself for not bringing my bikini, then I thought, fuck it, and went swimming in my pants and top. It was so hot that walking along the beach in wet clothes afterwards was quite nice! And the seawater was so warm!

I'm not normally a "beach resort" sort of a person, but I really liked Siloso. I saw this reptile running around in the grass. I think they must be quite common because I saw another one just like it at the Botanic Gardens yesterday (more on that later).

I finally staggered back to Raffles Hotel to have afternoon tea here:

... followed by a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar, something I've been looking forward to doing ever since I knew I was coming here (about 5 months ago)! It was pretty good! I made a note of the recipe :)

 The Long Bar is very cool, like a timewarp to the days of Empire. I'll definitely be going back again, and maybe having their Tiger beer-battered fish and chips *drooool*

Now I'm off to another shoot! Thank goodness for air conditioned studios, it is SO hot here! :)