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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New(ish) hair and Asian Tour!

Check out the cute new haircut I got (plus obligatory blue-black tint) modelling for Mahogany Academy today. I kind of wish I was taking it to Tokyo as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur! Maybe next year ;)

I look freaky without makeup :s

Tomorrow I'm off on my three-week Asian Tour, so please be patient if you're waiting on a reply to a message as I may have limited internet access out there. I'll be back in London 1st December :)

Here's my current itinerary, in case anyone's interested!

10th Nov: fly to Paris and transfer onto plane for Changi, Singapore
11th Nov: arrive in SG (6.45 pm local time) and crawl to my hostel
12th Nov: jetlag recovery!
13th Nov: my first Asian photo shoot! & having Singapore tea and chicken with the studio owners afterwards :)
14th Nov: sightseeing
15th Nov: flying to Kuala Lumpur & shooting there in the afternoon
16th Nov: checking out the city in the morning and then shooting from 2 - 10 pm. I'm going to ask the taxi driver to take the most roundabout route possible back to the hostel so I can check out the famous KL lights without getting mugged :p
17th Nov: visiting the Batu Caves! I'm SO excited about this one! I'll have to get there really early so I can have a proper look and still get back to the airport for 2 pm and fly to Hong Kong (long day!). I'll be getting the cable car from the main Hong Kong island to Lantau Island and staying between the Po Lin Monastery and Lo Han Temple :)
18th Nov: visit the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery
19th Nov: hiking to the top of the Peak to catch the sunrise, when you can see the whole of Hong Kong! I'll be posting millions of photos when I get back, I expect ;)
20th Nov: checking out of my humble hostel digs, going back over to Hong Kong island and checking into my own 5* suite at this hotel in the centre of the business district and shooting there all day
21st Nov: shooting on location in Hong Kong
22nd Nov: flying to SG and checking back into Footprints
23rd Nov: getting a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel!
24th Nov: sightseeing
25th - 28th Nov: shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting!
29th Nov: last day in SG
30th Nov: flying to Amsterdam
1st Dec: flying from Amsterdam to London

It's going to be very tough not seeing Liam for 3 weeks, but returning to him and London in the full swing of Christmas should be very lovely indeed :) <3