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Monday, 8 November 2010

Daily Deviation, Skin Two, Alt Fashion, Alt Exclusive

Congratulations to Ayad Al-Adnani! One of his images of me from an art nude workshop at Studio Face has been awarded a Daily Deviation on deviantART- no mean feat considering how many thousands of images are submitted the world over on a daily basis :)

The only slightly odd thing is the comments from people making it sound like they know me when I'm pretty sure they don't :s

In other exciting news, I've been asked to do a couple of big fashion editorials for issue #62 of Skin Two, the first being for Jane Doe Latex, and one for the S/S 2011 issue of Alt Fashion :) I'm also hoping to be on the cover of the A/W 2011 issue of Alt Fashion, but that's a long way off yet ;)

I also received an email  from AltExclusive this morning inviting me to shoot with them, which should be really fun! They're pretty much the only "alt glamour" type site that I've come across that I actually like, not just because of the impressive list of "name" models but generally the photography looks good. Me wanty :p

Now to try and raise my energy levels enough to go to acting class tonight. It's only 2.30 pm now and I'm already knackered so don't know how I'm going to get through a 6 - 10 pm class :/ STOP! Coffee time!