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Friday, 5 November 2010

Interview with fIXE Magazine, with added boobies

My interview with NYC's fIXE Magazine is now online >here< (lots of nice latex piccies) :)

I'm finally over a two-week bout of teh plague that seemed to be flu, but I got a flu jab today, just in case, so here's to a plague-free year! I generally eat right, exercise, don't smoke etc so I haven't been ill in years. I'd forgotten how rubbish it is :(

Maybe I caught cold by doing silly things like this in the name of Art ;)

Trying to camouflage myself into a tree on Dartmoor :p Photography by the USA's ThinkFilms

Felt well enough to give my new exercise DVD a go this morning:

I did the "Power Sports Drill" and the "Low Impact Fat Blaster". They felt nicely challenging but not to the point where I couldn't keep up with the choreography/ felt like I was going to die, which is always a plus! I've got a Brazilian wax booked for 10 am tomorrow (ouchies!) and a manicure at 11 am in preparation for my Asian Tour next week, but I might see if I feel the urge to try one or two of the other workouts tomorrow morning before I head to the salon. "Rapid Results Kickboxing" sounds fun :p