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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Anika Haschke

Just had a "practice pack" of my luggage for Asia to make sure it all weighed the right amount, on the advice of Ivory Flame! I'm packing extremely light so I'll have space left to bring home souvenirs for everyone :D

Liam's asked for "something Communist" from Hong Kong but seeing as their money HAS THE HSBC LOGO ON IT!!!! he might be out of luck!

1.  My Malaysian Ringitts
2.  My Singapore dollars
3.  My Hong Kong dollars

Anyway, I should probably post a modelling picture about now :) Here is one from a shoot I did at Adrian Pini Studios on Halloween for designer Anika Haschke :)

Photographer: David Kittos

Yay I can see loads more fireworks from my living room bay window than I could last night ^^

I leave you with a random video of me getting slightly overexcited at seeing the ponies on Dartmoor on the day I took the art nude shot posted in yesterday's blog :)

Now I'm off to bed so I'm fresh for my shoot in London with Technical Boy tomorrow :D We're gonna party like it's 1981!