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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On location in Hong Kong

I spent 20th November shooting on the 38th floor of a Hong Kong skyscraper, and then for a complete change of pace, the next day I was driven out to a location shoot in the beautiful Hong Kong countryside.

It was just how I imagined Chinese countryside would look- lots of silver-trunked trees with papery, peeling bark, floppy bamboo-like grass and cranes flying over the little rivers and pools of water, with the skyscrapers just visible in the misty distance :)

That evening, I went to Nathan Street, which seemed to be the HK equivalent to Oxford Street, the Ladies' Market and the laser show by the Marina. Hong Kong at night reminds me of Times Square at night. No-one seems to sleep and it's just as bright and busy as in the day. I think you get to know a city better at night, though :)

The shops don't close till 10 pm, which I think is a great idea ;p (I hardly ever get to shop in actual shops anymore as the ones in the UK are always shut by the time I finish shooting.)
 I spent lots of time checking out the girls my age eating, shopping and hanging out. Hong Kong street fashion is so cool. I bought two pairs of leggings, some new false lashes (mine are just about disintegrating after being worn nearly every day for who knows how long) and a pair of chocolate brown leather gloves to match my handbag and purse :) The whole lot came to £15 due to my haggling skills ;p

Love the little bows on the gloves <3

The next morning I looked out of the window and said goodbye to the view before spending the day flying- Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur and then Kuala Lumpur to Singapore- ready for the six shoots I have lined up back-to-back in Singapore, starting on Thursday! :D