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Friday, 24 September 2010

Today's blog was brought to you by Bizarre, Emma Delves-Broughton and a cubey

A nice new model on Facebook let me know that my photo is in the slideshow header of the Bizarre Ultra Vixens' homepage. I'm glad Bizarre like this shot as much as I do! It's my favourite of all the material I shot for Emma Delves-Broughton's Kinky Nature :)

I was shooting with Emma again just yesterday at a beautiful old house in Bath for Peccatus Latex Couture, so I'm looking forward to seeing our latest work! The sweet couple who owned the house turned out to be "fans" and had copies of Kinky Nature for me to sign, which was flattering and sweet. In the spirit of getting stuff signed I asked Emma to sign my copy, too!

I'm not working tomorrow for what feels like the first time in ages so I'm up drinking red wine and listening to music with Liam :) When I saw the Ultra Vixens homepage I said to him, "do you remember reading Bizarre together when we were 14? It's so weird that I'm 'one of those girls' now" and he said, "you were always 'one of those girls'!", which is very sweet as I actually looked terrible every single day when we were in high school (greasy hair home-dyed green, train-track braces top and bottom, vile glasses, acne, no bust of any description, baggy men's clothing in an attempt to hide said non-bust, etc etc etc) <3

In the spirit of mild tipsiness-induced overshare I now have to go and do an interview for a new photography website. This could be amusing/ wrong/ regrettable :p