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Friday, 17 September 2010

Latex love in the Swiss Alps

So, I'm already running out of ideas for original blog titles :p My shoots with Adam Robertson and Binkography went well! I <3 their new house so much ^^ Now I'm at my mum's house in Somerset printing out various tickets for things and giving myself a facial. Shooting at Chilli Studio in Bristol for the first time tomorrow :)

Anyway, this blog is about my shoot in Switzerland. Slightly late, I know!

19th July found me waking up in sunny Switzerland with two top European fashion photographers and a suitcase full of designer latex.

We drove up to the Alps for a day of shooting for Favor and Joy Williams in the blazing alpine sunshine.

Favor by Darklight Fotografie. I got a criss-cross strap-mark sunburn on my back while shooting this one >.<  The cool mountain breeze fooled me into thinking that one thin layer of factor 30 would be enough. Wrong!

Favor by Darklight Fotografie

In the afternoon we found an empty chalet with nicely peeling wooden walls to shoot up against. This a snap Thomas took on his iPhone of us setting up (hence you can see someone's hand holding a light stand on the right!).

Joy Williams by Darklight Fotografie

Favor by Darklight Fotografie

Joy Williams by Darklight Fotografie

At lunchtime we ate in this sort of mountain lodge type place and I tried Swiss salami, which is called salamette or something :) I don't eat Euro pork usually because I feel sorry for the piggies but sometimes I let it pass if it comes under the heading of being a cultural experience :p

In the restaurant in Gotthard Pass: Cornelius (Darklight) shooting Thomas (The Beauty of Abyss) shooting me, looking at the morning's shots

Outside of the restaurant I was delighted to find people playing those giant Swiss didgeridoo thingies xD

After the shoot we headed into the local village for dinner. Cornelius told me some interesting facts including that the whole of Switzerland has the same population as London and that we were driving down the route that Hannibal and his elephants traversed! He also pointed out the spot where Switzerland was originally founded in the C13th- X (the Swiss flag) marks the spot!

After dinner at the Spaghetti House I checked out Cornelius' studio before heading back to Germany with Thomas for an early night, ready to head back to the airport first thing the next morning to get back to London in time for my next shoot! I listened to Alec Empire and KMFDM all the way home :)

I'm now trying to convince Thomas and Cornelius to come to London to shoot more cool fashion here. Hopefully I can persuade them :p