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Monday, 13 September 2010

Scottish Tour 2010

I did my first Scottish tour last month and have lots of pics to show off :)

First stop was Aberdeenshire, where I shot on location with John Hughes at a tower called the Prop of Ythsie in the morning and on some beautiful beaches in the afternoon.

It was a bit damp in the morning but by lunchtime the sun was blazing. I couldn't believe I was eating my lunch on a hot sand dune and basking in the sun in SCOTLAND! :D

The next leg of the tour was in a little fishing village called Banff to meet Carmilla of Drac-in-a-Box and her lovely family :) I had a great time staying with them- they're hospitality was awesome and they are just such nice people- and I got to be a tourist as well! Banff is really picturesque :)

Pebbles on the beach. Pebbles are pretty

That little tower on the hill is apparently a temple dedicated to Venus! How cool!

Stately home Carmilla took me to visit

Secret little church/ mortuary thingy in the woods :D (That's Carmilla's little daughter on the step. She looks like a ghost!)

Pagan-looking statue of a dead knight at the back of the little church/ mortuary thingy

Next stop: Elgin Studio, which I will blog about tomorrow :) I have some bunny girl photos to share!