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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bunny Girl!

It occurred to me at this shoot in Elgin Studio, Scotland that I have never dressed up in a bunny girl outfit before this. How I managed to avoid such a classic, I don't know. Tbh the idea of it never really appealed, but I really like the way these ones came out! It's been a while since I did the whole cutesy-cutesy thing :D

Photographer and wardrobe stylist: Ful-O-Face
Corset: Corsets UK

Shooting with Jan Full-O-Face and David Porter was so much fun that we seemed to spend most of our shoot in fits of giggles ^^ Here's an outtake of me doing a rabbit impression:

Photographer: David Porter

I've never worn anything by Corsets UK before, and although this corset was too big for me it seemed well-made and flatteringly designed so I may be treating myself to something from their site soon :)

The studio owners Geoff and Helen Matthews kindly looked after me, put me up overnight and took me out for dinner! I had fish and chips ^^ They are just SUCH lovely people and I can't wait to visit them again :)

My next point on the Scottish tour was the Highlands, which I'd really been looking forward to as I'd been wanting to visit and shoot there for about 2 years! I'll go on an extended blag about how beautiful it was tomorrow ;)