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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Latex love at Lichtwertstudios

Hurray for shooting "fetisch" fashion in Germany :D On 18th July I left my house in London at 4 am to meet The Beauty of Abyss (aka Thomas) at Frankfurt Airport at 8.30 am (local time) to shoot for two latex designers, Favor and Joy Williams :)

We began my trip by visiting Karlsruhe Palace for coffee :) It was really cool as I didn't think I was going to get time to actually see much of the local area!

Well actually, the very first place we stopped off at on the way from the airport was a German sex shop to buy lube for the latex! I was amused that it was right opposite a McDonald's, complete with Ronald McDonald playground.

Then after a lush lunch at an Italian restaurant, it was off to Lichtwertstudios to start shooting!

look at meh latex. look at dem

And here are the results :) My favourite pieces were the white Joy Williams dress and the black and silver Favor onesie. They were lovely to wear and really flattering, too.

My favourite Favor outfit ^^

We shot some other nice outfits for Favor, which I will post if I spot them anywhere :)

After the shoot I made Thomas take me to a typical German place for dinner rather than going out for Italian/ Chinese/ Japanese/ whatever :p We went to a place called Biergarten (I won't patronise anyone by translating) that had those uber-long picnic bench type things :) I had some savoury pancake parcels stuffed with herby veggie mulch, apparently a traditional dish of the region :)

Thomas also introduced me to this great drink, which is half lager and half grapefruit lemonade (and surprisingly strong for a lightweight like me when I'm sleepy from having got up at 3.30 am >.<)

After dinner we drove to Switzerland (well, Thomas drove, I slept the whole way!) to meet Darklight Fotografie (aka Cornelius) all ready for our location shoot in the Swiss Alps the next day, which I will post the pictures from soon................................

Now I'm off to Wiltshire to start my sold-out Westcountry Tooh-arr! Looking forward to this afternoon, when I'll be shooting with Adam Robertson again and with Binkography for the first time!