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Friday, 3 September 2010

First photo of September!

Busy, busy, busy! I seem to have regained my ability to think straight via an intensive program of tea, porridge and early nights, but am still flattered and overwhelmed by the work coming my way right now. I seem to be doing lots and lots of things that I really enjoy with really cool people ^^

Anyway, 1st September found me shooting with Peter D in Chester, so this is my official first photo of September ;)

I decided to get my Eraserhead hairdo on the go again

I think the most expensive item of clothing in this shot is the socks, because they're Betsey Johnson! The rest of the outfit came from a car boot sale, Asda and eBay, lol!

In total contrast, I'm off to meet Nina Kate of Jane Doe Latex this evening to chat about shooting in Ireland next week and I'm pretty sure there's some lovely Naucler Design latex winging its way to the Emerald Isle right now so it'll be waiting there for me when I arrive <3

I'm off to bake cakes, pack suitcases and clean makeup brushes, although not necessarily in that order! Iveta's popping over at some point today to borrow some clothes and I think Liam and I are going out for a "farewell lunch" as we won't be seeing much of each other for the next couple of weeks (thanks to me shooting for a week in Ireland closely to be followed by touring the southwest), so quite a sociable day, for me ;)