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Monday, 16 August 2010

Cabaret Chic

This blog is brought to you by free on-board  wifi!

I'm on the longest train journey of my life to date (I think), currently somewhere around Newcastle at 9.40 am, having left London at 6.15 am. 1.5 hours to go to Edinburgh, where I'm changing to take another 2 hour train journey to Aberdeen! It's a 7.5 hour journey in all! I'll be ready for an Aberdeen Angus steak when I get there methinks, with plenty of bleeding rawness in the middle and maybe a little glass of wine ^^

It turns out that other people were up early Tweeting this morning too, so I managed to notice that Technical Boy has posted some pics from a studio shoot we did a while ago :)

Anyone looking over my shoulder from the seat behind me is going to be like, "what is that girl posting??" lol