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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Anita De Bauch vs. Shaun Hodge @ MAD Studios

Yesterday's MAD Studios Day went so well- all the photographers were brilliant and from what I saw on backs of cameras everyone got some great shots :) I spent precisely 8 hours and 40 minutes pulling all sorts of crazy poses and teetering around in ballet boots and as a result am going to be very stiff for today's shoot. Luckily it's just going to be vintage lingerie so I won't need to bend myself into too many strange shapes!

Shaun Hodge was my last photographer of the day yesterday and kindly invited me back to his house afterwards to have dinner with him and his wife (mackerel, mmmm) and have a look at the results. I can't believe the variety of shots we managed to pull off in just 2 hours, you'd think we'd been at it the whole day! :)

I like how I look like I've been turned into alabaster in this one :)

Latex by Anatomic Bomb

Shaun's direction is fantastic- I would never have thought of this pose without him!

I really like the following shot because of the way the muscles in my shoulders, back and tummy are picked out so nicely, but can't decide whether it's better in colour or black and white! What do you think?

Opinions welcome :)

Right, now I need to go and wash yesterday's hairspray out of my hair ready for this afternoon's shoot. I'll be shooting in London all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday too, then heading to a friend's festival in Somerset at the weekend to drink cider and pogo around in a field :D