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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Congratulations are in order!

Ooh, I've been so busy I haven't updated my blog! *slaps own wrist* Ha ha. I've basically just been shooting by day and sleeping by night! I finally managed to get to the bank to deposit my pay for the last few days this morning and the cashier gave me a bit of a look. I suppose it's not everyday a girl in her pyjamas wanders in with an envelope stuffed with notes (why get dressed on your day off? That's what I say) :p

Anyway, the point of this blog is to congratulate one of my contractors who shot me during my last Irish tour :) Seamus Costelloe won the SWPP's Judge's Choice Award and €100 with this excellent photo he took of me wearing Naucler Design! Well done, Seamus!

And of course, as it's 5th August I must dedicate this blog to a huge inspiration to me (and probably every other woman in the world), the late, great Marilyn Monroe, who died this day in 1962.

As a professional nude model, I also owe her a lot for kicking the door down for "normal", "healthy", "good" girls who also happen to pose nude for photographs. There is still some prejudice against women who do this 60 years after the famous calendar photo was taken, so it must have been incredibly brave at the time. Yet she could do it with that beautiful smile and even joke publicly about it- saying she had nothing on but the radio.

Hopefully I'll have time to watch How to Marry A Millionaire for the millionth time before I go to my dental appointment! :)

4.40 pm EDIT: I can't find my copies of How to Marry A Millionaire OR Some Like It Hot. I had to watch the Biography Channel prog on Marilyn that I recorded off TV years ago for the millionth time and edited highlights of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (that film is a big old mixture of gorgeous/ hilarious scenes and boring cheese imo).

Where are my copies of How to Marry A Millionaire and Some Like It Hot??? I hate losing DVDs >:(