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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Spain, days 6 & 7

Day 6

Saving the best till last, the photographers took us to one of the most amazing locations I've ever shot at- an abandoned mining town. It looked like something out of Tomb Raider!

Greg and I shot these babies:

Corset by Heavenly Corsets

I like how I look like a reading on a heart monitor in this one

I love the tension picking out every muscle in my arm and shoulder in this one. The photo hasn't been rotated (as some people have guessed!), I really am hanging off a ledge in the wall :)

And then, after a smooth six days, I decided to go and deck myself. We thought it would be pretty cool to pose me in this window:

As I was starting to climb down, a bit of brick broke under my foot and I fell out. In order to avoid landing (barefoot and naked!) on all the broken glass, shattered bricks and general bone-smashing nastiness below I launched myself off the vertical wall with one foot as I fell, so I flew over the nastiness, over the thorn bushes, and into some nice springy heather, before finally rolling to a stop about 10 feet away. I was actually laughing when I got up because it had been such a melodramatic fall yet I didn't seem to have a mark on me (except heather juice).

But then I found I was limping a bit to the next location and realised that in pushing myself off the wall with my foot as I fell, I'd sliced all the skin off my heel and blood was now squirting out in time with my heartbeat :| I decided to carry on and channel some of the pain/ adrenaline into posing:

John Evans said we should disinfect it etc as there were lumps of gravel and dirt stuck in it, and as we didn't have a first aid kit with us we went on a bit of a journey into town to find supplies, which failed.

Eventually John, Greg, Iveta and I went back to the photographers' villa for some DIY surgery that involved me soaking my foot in warm water for a while, then resting it on Greg's towel-covered knee while we took it in turns picking the dirt and gravel out of the wound with a pair of tweezers that we boiled. That didn't feel good :( Yet after a while I found it oddly satisfying when I managed to pull out a good big bit.

Maybe I'm just weird :s

When it was as clean as we could get it we decided we had to disinfect it, and as we didn't have any Germolene or anything John had to spray some of his aftershave on there, which actually made me scream because it burned like mad for about half a second, taking me completely by surprise! I actually feel quite bad about that because my scream made Iveta scream too. She'd been drinking coffee all day so she had the jitters, lol.

Someone did manage to find some bandage to tie my foot up with, so then we were back in the car, back to the location and I shot with John Evans for the rest of the afternoon, all the while trying to think of cunning ways to pose that hid my obviously bandaged foot >.<

Roswell Ivory came and gave me a big hug when we got back to the mining town, which was a nice way to cheer me up. I felt so stupid >.<

Day 7

On our last day we spent the morning shooting at the photographers' villa before getting the plane home from Murcia to London. Note cunning hiding off teh damaged foot :p

  © John Evans

The morning light reflecting off the white walls and floor made for a giant softbox effect- that's "well flattering light" to you and me ;) © John Evans

And now, back to the present...

Turns out that that acting class I went to last night was 'Advanced Acting' not 'Introduction to Acting' so apparently my coach thinks I'm good enough to skip a level :) I'll be going to the last class of my 'Acting for Complete Beginners' course this evening then catching the last hour of the professionals' acting training (as in watching, not joining in!).

I now have to decide whether I am seriously planning on pursuing acting as my post-modelling career (sadly a girl can't model forever, in this world) because I can't really justify the expense of training as hobby. Life decision time! Cue up the vodka and late-night soul-searching!