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Monday, 14 June 2010


I haven't been to Festival of Sins for too long despite it being so local to me (Camden)! Saturday night was so much fun with so many friends under the same roof for once :) The theme for the night was "gluttony" so the club was awash with muffins and sweets, but somehow I managed to resist ;)

I had my hair in a Mohawk for a recent shoot for Drac-in-a-Box so decided to do it like this again on Saturday:

Photographer: Gregory Brown. Retoucher: Technical Boy. Hair and makeup: me

It's just a preview- more to follow from this shoot soon!

Anyway, Liam and I arrived at FoS "fashionably late" (nearly midnight, oops) to be greeted by Team Binkertson and Khandie Khisses before heading in. I like KK for all sorts of reasons, not least because she says "fanny" a lot (hardly anyone says "fanny" anymore, have you noticed?).

I brought my camera with me so that Liam could film my show but totally forgot to take any photos in all the madness, so will now proceed to steal other people's from Facebook ^^

Liam and me outside the club. Me: The power of Elnette compels you!

L-R: James Thorpe, Khandie, Adam Robertson, me, Liam (Binky was taking the picture!)

An hour later it was time to get on stage for Nikita Sablier's fashion show, for which I wore a cute Bettie Page dress with a lipstick red bullet bra and a Freyagushi medical mask ^^

Warning: this is not your typical runway show :p

Me force-feeding Graeme a donut :p

The extremely messy finale! :D Stage photos courtesy of Dafydd Owen

After coming off stage and de-caking I got to get drunk and have a laugh with too many people to name them all here, but it was great to see them all :) I have a feeling I got photographed rather a lot pulling silly faces with Liam, but can't remember by who, so it will be interesting to see if any of those photos pop up anywhere!

L-R: me, Lex E Leven and Ivory Flame. My dress is from Drac-in-a-Box!

Around 3 am after we'd watched some bearlesque and other funny stuff Liam and I headed home with Roswell Ivory and Ivory Flame to eat pizza and listen to music before hitting the hay :) I was quite impressed with how my hair held up, I've been giving myself Mohawks for shoots since I was 19 but was never quite brave enough to wear it on a full night out in case it completely lost its erection, but it held its own!