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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A day in the life. With nudes

I have a few unanswered questions in my Formspring account along the lines of "what do you do on a typical day?". I never really know what to say because my job is so varied that I don't really have "a typical day" so I'm just going to write about today in mind-numbing detail as an example!

I got up early-ish to do my exercises then washed my makeup brushes, took a shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs and pits, checked my emails while eating tea and toast then went for my manicure at 10.45 am, remembering to pick out a pearly pink shade suitable for the Yerburys' Bridal Boudoir Academy next week!

 Okay, so this isn't really a picture of me in the shower, it's a photo from last summer by Gregory Brown that I don't think I've posted before and thought I'd sneak in :p

Theeeen I came home with skimmed milk so I could make a big mug of DIY skinny latte, renewed my library books online and packed for today's shoot, which was at the Hilton Paddington.

After a five hour shoot I took my makeup off on the tube on the way home and gave my bottle of water to a crackhead. I had an apple on me as well but he refused with thanks because his teeth were so badly rotted he wouldn't have been able to eat it :(

Came home to find the house full of people drinking beer and will shortly be joining them after I've finished eating my chip shop dinner :p I really must go on a diet at some point...

And here's another random nude from a shoot I did with Adam Robertson in February :) I've been obsessed with turning myself partially upside-down at nude shoots for a while now!

Tomorrow's plan: visit the British Museum with a hangover and look at the mummies, probably. Or something equally random!