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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day 5 of the Irish Tour (location nudes)

Picking up from where I left off...

I arrived in Dublin bright and early on day 5 of the tour (20th May) and met up with photographer Eamonn Farrell and MUA Conni Kavanagh for a location shoot in beautiful Wicklow, which I have probably already said about 90 times is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been <3

It was  a gloriously sunny day that made me feel a lot more comfortable nude than wearing Eamonn's hunting coat between shots! It really is a lovely feeling to be naked and barefoot by the side of a beautiful lake with the sun and the softest of warm breezes on your skin :) I mostly spent the day reflecting on just how much I love my job (sorry if that sounds unbearably smug!).

Just to make the idyllic loveliness of the lake complete, two cute fluffy donkeys appeared out of nowhere and came up for nose-rubs <3

This is me looking oddly short due to the fact that I was leaning forward from the waist while wearing Eamonn's long coat- I love donkeys but am aware that they can be quite grumpy/ bitey at times so I was trying to stroke his nose while simultaneously maintaining my distance!:

I was also plannning on making a dash into the lake if either of them went for me. I figured that might confuse them. Kind of sad that I had to actually plan how to outwit a donkey

We also shot in a derelict little house with no roof and by an area of forest that had been cut down.

After the shoot we had a late lunch in The Hollywood Inn, Hollywood, Ireland!

I had my first ever Irish coffee actually drunk in Ireland :)

(That's Eamonn in the background!)

Then Conni and I just had to stop the car and photograph this petrol station. I don't think Eamonn knew what we were on about but it amused me!

Then it was on the train back to Dublin so I could get a bus from there to Galway for my next day's shoot: latex...

... coming soon ;)