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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Latest Drac-in-a-Box shoot...

I'm always tired when I get home from shooting, but I think it's a sign of a good shoot when I feel tired-yet-energised, rather than tired-and-drained. I think it means I've genuinely been expressing myself creatively :)

I had that tired-yet-energised feeling yesterday when I got home and flopped onto my bed after my shoot for Drac-in-a-Box, still in full makeup with a messy backcombed "fauxhawk" (as I always call this style)!

Drac-in-a-Box shoots are so much more fun than "regular" catalogue shoots! In the morning we were at the derelict Layston Church in Hertfordshire, the perfect setting for an alt/ goth wedding dress shoot!



Then in the afternoon it was back to the studio in London to shoot some more brightly coloured stuff (with the Mohawk!). I'm not going to give away any more than that until the photos are ready to be published! :p

New Doctor Who in 1 1/2 hours and counting! Duvet + sofa + Skinny Cow hot chocolate, here I come! :)

EDIT 6.40 pm: RIP Dennis Hopper :(