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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fetish Fashion

It's 8.40 pm and I'm still in my dressing gown, hmmmmm. At least I got a ton of admin done today! I also have a couple of random new photos to share :)

This one from a recent shoot in London with a photographer over from Canada

You can't tell from the photo, but the heel on one of my ballet boots actually snapped when I was on location in Spain, so I can't stand up in them anymore, just do lying/ sitting/ crawling type poses. I've ordered these new ones that are more like shoes than boots- it's nice to have a little change :)

I also have a couple of new photos from Emma Delves-Broughton. We're planning on shooting again sometime this year, although we're not sure what yet. I'd really like to do some latex as that's what she's mostly famous for!

A new one from my shoot with Emma last year

And a better version of my favourite photo of me in Emma's new Kinky Nature book :)

I also have a couple of really cool photos back from another of the photographers I shot with in Ireland but I'm going to wait until I've got the full set till I post them, I'm a bit OCD like that ;) Plus one of them has to have the waist retouched because I'm so fecking toned from working out every single morning for the last four months that when I struck a hip-out pose loads of random muscles popped out all over my waist, creating huge dents, including that outer-sides-of-lower-belly muscle that male bodybuilders get. Gah! So now I should deliberately stop working out and let some of the muscle turn back into fat??

Anyone else sometimes get the feeling that it doesn't matter how fat, thin, toned or flabby you get, you will *never* actually be 100% happy with the way your body looks? >.<

/whinging. I might go and eat some cheese and watch QI now :)

EDIT 10 pm: turns out that if you drink strawberry tea while eating Danish blue cheese it makes your mouth taste exactly like vomit.