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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ireland Tour 2010 and some random bondage

It was the first day of my acting course today! I'm hoping that the acting will improve my modelling in terms of being more expressive on demand etc.

Plus I think it would be good to have a hobby! Mostly when I'm not modelling I'm just at home messing about on the internet.

This week I'm off to Ireland for my 2010 tour, though!

I have to get up at 2 am and catch three buses to Stansted tomorrow >.< Then I'll be straight into a three-day assignment near Dublin, followed by a day shooting some sort of post-apocalyptic alien fashion project in Co. Waterford, then back to Dublin for the day to shoot with Eamonn Farrell before jumping on a bus to Galway for a day's shooting latex and lingerie with my most regular Irish photographer, Sean McCormack :)

All packed! I actually have the luxury of hold luggage this time so can bring all sorts of exciting stuffs including full-size bottles of conditioner spray, my cuddly cat Mr Snuggles and a box of Roses Liam got me for the trip (the sugar will no doubt come in useful in giving me energy tomorrow when I'm working a full day on 2 1/2 hours sleep!)...

Have also had every available area of body waxed *check* straightened my hair *check* and am bleaching my teeth while I write this! *check*

Speaking of leather restraints, check out this bondage photo I just got back from my shoot with Dragon in London :p

I don't really take on much fetish work but I really like this one :)

I'll be back in London very early Saturday (22nd) morning, then going to another acting class before hanging out with my dad while he's visiting the UK and then lavishing Liam with birthday cake, so unless I manage to pick up wifi somewhere on the Emerald Isle I probably won't be replying to messages until Sunday 23rd x

Sleep time! :D