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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ireland so far

Just spent a wonderful three days shooting with Seamus Costelloe in Kilkenny, Ireland, shooting latex and gorgeous Mary McGuinness couture at Left Bank (tres cool location!) and then some lovely au naturelle springtime nudes among the bluebells in the grounds of the Lyrath Estate Hotel*, where I was also treated to a lush triple decker BLT for lunch (it's 9.30 pm now and I'm still full, hee hee!). I cannot WAIT to see the results of the last three days (as in the photos, not my new waist size >.<)!

Also, there were lots of cute little duckies following their mums and dads around and taking swimming lessons in the hotel grounds today ^^

Now I'm in Dungarvan borrowing my second photographer of the tour's dongle and attempting to answer all the emails that have mounted up in my brief absence oO

* Apparently the Lyrath was Manson and Dita's first choice of wedding location <----------- (useless fact)