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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

“Pretty girls don’t make good models.” Do you agree?

I had a very interesting and informal chat with professional fetish and boudoir photographer Nic Marchant in between shooting rope bondage, suspension and vintage glamour with him at his studio for KFS TV. Between us, we have 50 years of experience! I got some real talk straight from the horse's mouth on Nic's line of business, including:

  • How to start taking good fetish or boudoir shots right away, even with little or no experience*
  • Film vs digital
  • Shooting vs post-processing
  • How Nic chooses models to work with (as if I wouldn't ask that question!)

Watch the KFS video of our shoot and interview below, or watch it on YouTube (contains nudity)!

You may also be interested to know why Nic thinks it really pays to be a boudoir photographer... and what he said that nearly made me cry right there on camera! ;) There is also some footage of me posing nude at my photo shoot with him.

 Hanging out with Nic at our fetish shoot.

Musn't let my mascara run! ;)

If you are reading this via email subscription and can't see the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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* Hint: “Photographing your girlfriend is a very difficult starting point... I think it’s unfair to expect anyone who isn’t a professional model to just switch it on... You need a brilliant model to make it work.”

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