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Friday, 26 August 2016

So... what have I been doing?

I've had a strange sort of August... waiting to see if house #3 pans out is starting to get to me. I've felt homeless for the last two years. However, I have enjoyed the luxury of a summer in Somerset with no real ties... the weather and the little towns are beautiful. There are some great restaurants, pubs and days out to be had here. But I would like my own place to return to at the end of each day.

Something I have learned through trying to buy a house here and (so far) having had two fall through, through no fault of my own, is how dumb and self-entitled rich people can be. I was sort of raised to think that if you're rich, you probably got there by being smart and working hard. Well, I'm now dealing with my second millionaire in a row, and he appears to be just as dense and lazy as the first one. I feel like if I had that kind of money, I would use it better ;) For example, we had to break off with buying the last house we were interested in (the really big one!) because at the last minute, the (millionaire) seller asked us to pay his £5000 back-taxes for him. Uh.......................... no?

So having thrown literally thousands of pounds around this summer already and still being no closer to having our own home than we were a year ago, things have felt tough. I finally have a really excellent/ scary London lawyer on my side now, who is a partner in her own law firm, so hopefully that will help move things along. I really want to be in the new place by October, in time for my favourite holiday!

I've ended up getting a lot of little bookings in a lot of different places next month, which is unexpected and exciting. I love travelling :) Here is my current list... if you'd like to book me for a shoot in any of these places, email me! I've rented a car for Ireland, which should make getting around a lot easier and more efficient!

The Milan Fashion Week booking came in just last night. It's not what you think ;) Stay tuned and keep an eye on the news.

I'm planning on giving myself a big makeover over Christmas this year, while I'm off work... let's see how that turns out. Today I'm starting small by experimenting with some wigs and the many, many Mya Minerals eyeshadows I seem to have acquired (thank you!) :) She also sent me something called Fairy Dust, which is supposed to be for highlighting your face, but I'm thinking of dusting my body with it for fashion nudes and bodyscapes. Hmm...

I'm supposed to be saving money atm, but it's hard when you have a shoe fetish... I was bad and bought these:

I plan on having a wall of floor-to-ceiling shelves in the new place, dedicated only to shoes... *dreams* One day, I want to have a whole room dedicated to nothing but shoes, hats, corsets, sunglasses, latex, lingerie, jewellery, dresses and playsuits! I will eventually need one, that's for sure.

I really feel like I should post some modelling pictures now! Here are a couple of new natural-light portraits shot this summer, if you haven't already seen them on Instagram. I did my own hair and makeup as usual, and the skincare is all from Bareskin Beauty :)

Photographer: Tim Bircher

Photographer: Shawn Spencer-Smith

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