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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

General waffle/ procrastination + butt (NSFW)

I seem to be in a permanent state of excitement/ over-stimulation with so many upcoming trips and projects atm, that I constantly feel that I hardly know what to do with myself! Part of it is nerves. e.g. "Will this damn house come through?" We are tantalisingly close to exchanging now and I can't bear the thought of it all falling through again- but I just have to be patient and wait and see! Patience is not my strong point. If something needs doing, I like to go ahead and get it done! Having something drag on for months with endless email tennis does not come naturally to me :(

I'm going to be finishing 2016 by travelling round Ireland and continental Europe, starting on 1 September and finishing in December! :) Although I've technically been to a couple of the places before, there will still be new experiences waiting for me there- e.g. I have visited Milan a couple of times, both for shooting and on holiday, but never during Fashion Week, so that will be a first (although I have walked at London Fashion Week and been invited to sit in the second row with SHOWstudio at Singapore Fashion Week, which was great). Other places I'll be going to, like Amsterdam, are completely new to me :) I'm taking care to reserve a couple of days here and there at the more interesting places to be a tourist and visit the sights I might never have got to see if it weren't for modelling.

Speaking of modelling... here are some new photos shot in natural light by Tim Bircher :) Many thanks to Bareskin Beauty for the organic skincare and Mya Minerals for the vegan cosmetics used for this shoot.

Jobs for today: dye hair, call estate agent, make a last-minute mani-pedi appointment, various online check-ins, give Dexter a bath and figure out what I need to bring with me to Ireland for a two-week trip... probably not all that much as I think everyone wants to shoot nudes.

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