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Sunday, 29 March 2015

#NakedSundays with Valesman at Slogical Studio

I'm home after another 24/7 busy tour of England! Nine days of craziness this time- shooting every day, sometimes two or even three shoots per day, sleeping in a different bed every night, lots of driving, all that rock 'n' roll! I guess it is kind of like being a band on tour except you're not allowed to drink, stay up late or sleep all day ;) I still get tired though, so I always pack my Bareskin Beauty products. My favourite atm is the Illuminating Facial Serum because it doubles up as a night cream and makeup primer.

This was the last shoot I did in the Southwest before I went on tour. They were shot by a photographer I hadn't worked with before called Michael Valesman at Slogical Studio in Yeovil. We were going for a 30s-influenced look, so I did classic hair and makeup with hot rollers and red lipstick, and brought some fabrics with me for draping around.

I tried out three different fitness classes three days earlier and thanks to my (mostly) vegan whole foods diet and freakishly mesomorphic body, was already showing a difference in muscle tone at this shoot. Yay! I did Pilates, yoga and something called Body Balance, which is a combination of Pilates, yoga and tai chi, which was my favourite, and even gave me some ideas for new art nude poses :)

I also like the idea of perking up my butt and triceps in the gym or going for a stress-relieving swim whenever I feel like it, so I think I'm going to sign up for the Gold membership at my local gym so I can do all the Body Balance classes, yoga, weights and swimming that I want :)

I missed my boyfriend SO much on this particular tour that despite being so tired on the three hour drive home that I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel, we somehow managed to stay up till 4am reconnecting and drinking champagne. Love is a funny thing :) I think my cats missed me too. They've been all over me since I got back.

I'm actually considering going on a proper holiday with Liam and the cats for the first time ever next month... let's see if that works out!! I might try to get a tour of the Southwest in first, if any Somerset, Dorset, Devon or Cornish photographers would like to work with me? My email address is and my day rate is £300 all-inclusive.

Anita x