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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Photographer Showcase: Latex shoot with Lem Cheng Hai at DStudioLab, Singapore

I've been shooting with Lem in Singapore every year since 2011. In fact, I think I had my very first shoot in Singapore in his studio, DStudioLab, which is still my favourite in the area.

On my last trip, Lem set up this cool industrial metal stairway/ fire escape in front of the huge shutter door normally used for letting in vehicles for car shoots, for me to play on, which was mucho fun in 8" spike heels :o

I think the next two are my favourites- wearing my long black Lady Lucie Latex leggings and extra high platforms up there really got me channelling some sort of sexy, sensual spider creature..! And although I love a bold lipstick red, I do like this industrial-looking metal structure in black and white- it makes it feel less cheery and more gritty and urban to me.

I hope to return to Southeast Asia again in November- if you are a photographer based in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Japan, or even Australia, please email me to register your interest today on, and I will let you know when I am taking bookings :)

If you're a photographer based in England and would like to shoot some edgy, industrial, fetish-y, steampunk, alternative fashion-inspired images with me this month, you might be interested in these two fun package deals I've set up this month, one studio-based with optional hair and makeup artist, and one location, with just me ;)

My good friend Roswell Ivory will also be in London on 30 January, if anyone would like to book us together while we're both in the same town (we're off to a party in the evening!). She has a real-life alternative fashion look that perfectly fits in with Camden's vibe. We used to do shopping and lunch there quite regularly when I lived in North London :) Her portfolio is here.

Email me on with any questions or booking enquiries. Many thanks :)