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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Editorial & interview in Sinical magazine, Nylons special edition

I seem to have been very lax in blogging about magazine publications this year. I used to be obsessed with clocking up exactly how many magazine/ advert/ website publications I'd made, and conscientiously blog every single one, no matter how minor. Now my credits page on my website hasn't been updated in years and I wonder if I even can update it accurately now as I know there are loads of publications that I've just forgotten about completely at this point.

These days, I seem to have gone full circle back to where I started eight years ago, just being excited about individual images for themselves, even if no-one else sees them except for me and the photographer (although of course I try to get them as big an audience as possible).

When I do get published, I think, well, I'd best not post the images by themselves like I usually do, I'll post a proper blog with scans of the magazine pages and behind the scenes natter about the shoot, and then it just gets buried under the daily onslaught of emails, phone calls, photo shoots, driving hundreds of miles, finding hotels, posting gifts from my Anita De Bauch shop, trying to keep Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram updated as well as the usual modelly-maintenance of making gallons of green smoothies, working out, dyeing hair, facials, mineral baths, picking up dry cleaning, polishing shoes, manicures, pedicures, cleaning makeup brushes and constantly unpacking and re-packing that big old suitcase on wheels ;)

The Winter Solstice is fast approaching on 21st/ 22nd December and after that, the days will start getting lighter, if only by a minute a day, as the Earth turns back towards the sun and starts warming itself again, paving the way for springtime, new life, and reborn life, like the leaves coming back on the trees, and animals coming out of hibernation (I guess that's why most people celebrate Christmas around this time of year, as it's also to do with birth?). I'm starting to see this time of year as being the "real" New Year (although being that the year runs in cycles, you could arbitrarily pick any random point in the year and call it New Year if you wanted to), as everything starts coming back to life after a cold, dark, quiet finish!

It sort of feels right to try and wrap up all my unfinished business by the "end" of the year (21 December), namely, posting all my publications that I can track down, getting The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling, my book on freelance modelling, out there, as well as home-based things like having a big clear-out and spring clean. I mainly want to wash all the windows and curtains to let in every photon of extra light that will be coming after 22nd December! I LOVE natural light! *basks*

This is supposed to be a modelling blog, so here is a link to my most recent interview (I think): Anita De Bauch interview in Sinical magazine, Nylons special edition.

^ Click the image to see more photos from this shoot, and the interview!

The photos are from a shoot I did this year for Fabulously Fetish shoes and Gio Stockings with Monochrome Set photography at a lovely stately hotel. My organic natural skincare was provided by Bareskin Beauty, I provided my own lingerie to wear, a gift from Playful Promises, and did my own hair and makeup :)

^ Click the image to see more photos from this shoot, and the interview!

I just got a text message from Madame Bink saying that she's going to be driving past on her way to Cornwall shortly, so I'd better get dressed ^_^

Bye for now,

Anita xo