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Monday, 15 December 2014

7 original gift ideas for the glamorous gift-giver

It's that time of year again- when busy people and procrastinators alike start the mad online dash to order Christmas presents!

You don't have to order everything from Amazon, though. I've collected some gift ideas together from brands I love, as well as things you can make at home, to make glamorous, luxurious, sensual gifts that are still reasonably priced. At least one of these seven original gift ideas for the glamorous gift-giver should work for whoever you're buying for- maybe more than one :)

Photographed by Peter Scott

Bareskin Beauty natural organic skincare

I'll start with Bareskin Beauty products because I just ordered a bunch as a gift for myself... my skin did not enjoy being without them for six weeks on tour! Their very high-end, luxurious raw organic products come in pretty glass packaging and smell good enough to eat. There is currently a sale on Bareskin Beauty gift sets.

Scented beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are the highest quality and most expensive candles. I got interested in beeswax candles after I learned that they actually cleanse the air, rather than polluting it like paraffin candles do, and discovering that their burn time is much much longer, making them just as good value for money in my eyes!

I make my own at home using plenty of essential oil to scent them, as the ones I've bought in shops don't smell nearly enough for me! I don't like a subtly scented candle, I want to light it and then have the whole room instantly have an opulent, relaxing atmosphere, without having to wait, or light five at once! They're really easy to make using this beeswax candle-making tutorial. I like tying ribbons around the jars to decorate them.

Playful Promises retro lingerie

A shop assistant in a sex shop once advised me, don't hesitate to buy your girlfriends sexy gifts, because why should we wait for the men to buy them for us? It's a good call! Receiving sexy lingerie from a platonic friend is good low-pressure fun, since they're not expecting to see you in it- they just want you to enjoy it! Playful Promises do lovely retro bras, knickers and suspender belts as well as makeup and corsets.

Playful Promises lingerie and Fabulously Fetish shoes shot by LanesRo1

Handmade chocolates

There is so much cheap junk "food" circulating at Christmas that it's wonderful to receive handmade healthy chocolates from friends. Sophisticated dark chocolate really can be very healthy, and it's great to turn up to a party with them as well as the bottle of champagne! My favourites are these Thyroid-Boosting Macaroons. I don't find the liquid stevia is necessary as they are sweet enough, and all the other ingredients can be found in an ordinary supermarket if you are willing to substitute ordinary cocoa powder for the raw cacao. I like to serve them on a vintage cake stand, sprinkled with extra coconut, or wrap an ordinary little box in posh wrapping paper to make a chocolate box for a friend.

Fabulously Fetish shoes

If you really want to splash out on a girlfriend, mother, sister or cool auntie, get their foot measurements and have the shoes of their dreams custom-made in real leather by Fabulously Fetish. It gives a sophisticated option for what to wear to impress on New Year's Eve.

The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling

Of course, I'm going to recommend my own book... because I made it the best resource for freelance models, and any woman wanting to gain body-confidence and model beauty secrets! It is designed to help anyone look better both in real life and in photos, as well as giving lots of information and inspiration for models at all levels, from total beginners to seasoned professionals, to get the most out of their career- something we think a lot about around Christmas and New Year as this tends to be our quiet time. It also makes a great companion to any new year's resolutions you might have to get fit, healthy, slim and more beautiful for 2015. You can do it :) I don't even know if it will be out in time for Christmas, but you can add it to your Amazon Wishlist here.

Lady Allura's Latex

Lady Allura is a properly trained fashion designer who makes latex couture to order, in whatever classic or avant-garde styles you can think of, and focuses on making styles that suit petite, standard and voluptuous figures too.

A photo shoot with me

If you're buying for a photographer, you can buy gift vouchers for shoot time with me- just email me at and imagine their face!

Quality time

The most important thing about this time of year is to take stock of what is important to you and enjoy time off work to spend with those you love. We only get a limited amount of time to spend with anyone in one lifetime, so quality time really is the most valuable gift :) If you aren't able to see certain people over Christmas, use the time to make plans with them for the New Year. You'll remember the time you spent together more than you remember what you got for Christmas last year.

Much love, and season's greetings!