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Friday, 10 October 2014

#Handcuffs for #FetishFriday, by Jamondo. @BareSknBeauty

I thought I'd share this rather fabby photo from the Stephen Perry workshop I mentioned in my last photo blog :) I did the hair and makeup and Steve orchestrated the wardrobe. This shot was taken by Jamondo- thank you for letting me share it in my blog :) All my skincare is by Bareskin Beauty.

I'm back in London on a two week working trip atm, before flying out of here for a two week modelling tour of Singapore. Then it's back to London for ten more days of shooting, then back to the depths of Somerset to snuggle my bald cats and recover a bit ;)

My book, The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling, hasn't been released yet as my editor got snowed under- it's a long story but rest assured that it's because she's the best ;) Once she's done I can get on with designing the interiors of the book, which I'm really looking forward to! It's going to be like a beautiful, secret, feminine book of modelling success.

On the plus side, I have been told by my publisher that the e-book version will not only be available on Kindle, but also on iBook, Nook, etc. Handy for reading while you're on the train to a shoot ;)

I also have a new, and brutally honest, interview out, here, which one aspiring model has already told me has inspired her :)