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Friday, 20 June 2014

Bo Ningen: 'Slider' music video directed by Marie Schuller for NOWNESS!

This may be one of the coolest projects I've been involved with to date:

a combined fashion film/ music video with Bo Ningen, directed by THE Marie Schuller (Head of Fashion Film at Nick Knight's SHOWstudio) for NOWNESS.

There are a few actors in this video, but I'm the only naked one. No change there, then.

My laptop is too crap to play the video smoothly, so I can't take screengrabs for my portfolio, le sigh.

I did manage to steal a couple of stills from Marie's Instagram and NOWNESS' Twitter though, mwah hahahaha.

Many thanks to +Bareskin Beauty for the life-saving skincare.

I love this ^ last still. I look like I'm flying naked on the back of a giant psychedelic butterfly :)

Other news:
  • Met Twiggy at a photo shoot
  • Still working my ass off on le book
  • Back into Pilates and green smoothies after too long drinking coffee over a hot laptop
  • Shooting in London nearly every day
  • Got comped into the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards and had an even better time than expected (Behemoth were particularly good)
  • I miss New York and Singapore
  • Hopefully having a bit of a staycation next week so will be able to catch up on blogging and updating website :)