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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hangin' in Helsinki with the Big Dog (oh, and @OlympusUK) #WardrobeWednesday @McGillicuddy1

So last month I got a last-minute call from Damian McGillicuddy inviting me to fly out to Helsinki with him to help promote Olympus cameras at an event by Indie Days!

It was a "Bloggers' Inspiration Day"- blogging is HUGE over there- and Damian was demonstrating with me how to take simple portraits, as of course a lot of these fashion bloggers take their own photos! Instead of the usual crowd of middle-aged male photographers, this camera demo audience was 99% beautiful young Scandinavian women + 1% gay hipsters. I have never seen a better-looking group of photographers, seriously!! They all should have been in front of the camera!

One of Damian's photos from the class:

Afterwards we went for dinner and I had a traditional Finnish soup called lohikeitto, which is like leek and potato, garnished with fresh dill, mmmmmmm! It said vegetarian and lactose-free on the menu, but when it arrived it was full of butter, cream and poached salmon and promptly sent me into a food-coma!

The next day, Damian and I shot some of my Lady Allura's Latex and Fabulously Fetish boots at the hotel with lovely Lesley assisting :) I'll post more of the results when I have them, they are awesome, so please subscribe to my blog (top right) and I'll mail them to you! in the meantime, I have an email mountain to tackle and international tours to organise ;)

Anita x