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Friday, 30 May 2014

#FetishFriday 'Andrew McMeekin photographs Anita De Bauch': behind the scenes film of a hair fashion shoot

I thought it would be fun to post this behind the scenes film for #FetishFriday, as I thought plenty of my blog readers would like to see a latex shoot actually in progress, but it's also interesting as a hair/ retro fashion shoot. I think the black catsuit was my favourite outfit but I liked the cherry print Marilyn Monroe dress too :)

I was commissioned for this shoot to promote Andrew McMeekin's photography services in Lowestoft, Norfolk- he has a studio above his salon, Robert Owen Haircutters, so it's really convenient for getting your hair done nicely before your portrait session. I posted the photos from our shoot in my blog, here and here :)

This week has mostly been spent organising my Irish Tour in July, which is very exciting as I love visiting Ireland, working with some of my favourite photographers, and meeting new ones. I also want to visit some of the ancient mystical sites this time too, if my schedule allows! Organising so many clients from all different areas, arranging times that are convenient for everyone, and making and booking a travel plan is always a vast amount of work, but worth it for what is produced :) If you're a photographer/ artist/ designer/ hairdresser anywhere in Belfast/ Antrim or the Republic of Ireland, please do feel free to email me about a booking in July at I'm going to be everywhere :)

Other than that, the highlight of my week so far has been life modelling for art classes in London for the first time. I've never done it before as the rates of pay are so low that I sort of couldn't justify doing it. I concluded that life models do it for the feeling of having helped in creating artwork than for anything else, which I sure wish I had time to do for free or almost-free sometimes, but 99% of the time, I just don't. If I'm not shooting, I do need rest days so I don't totally burn out ;) But these ones were quite reasonably paid and I'm so glad I actually took the plunge and did them, it was such a fascinating experience! I really wish I could draw. It was very inspiring and made me want to do life modelling more regularly, if I can.

Another nude booking tomorrow, but with a camera, not a paintbrush, the way god intended ;)

Anita x