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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beyond Burlesque fashion editorial in British MODE magazine by Dave Kai-Piper! #WardrobeWednesday

... in... November... last year... I am comically behind in my blogging! It seems I either have time to live life or time to write about it, but not both, atm! Must get back into the habit of blogging little and often! It's nice to have a daily/ weekly record of my life as a model to look back on.

Anyway! Four lovely lovely pages in British MODE of bridal fashion by Vivienne Westwood's corsetierre Belinda Chorley, shot by Dave Kai-Piper, hair and makeup by Candy. Yay!

My hair colour is much more orange now than it is here. I kind of miss this red/ rust colour. Might introduce it back in at some point :)