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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Photos from Ecoluxe London's London Fashion Week runway show :)

Home from a jolly trip to Newcastle, Darlington and Middlesbrough, shooting some fun fashion and duo nudes with Kitty Quinzell, a repeat booking modelling for a camera club (I think this is my third time with them now), some lovely colourful rope bondage as well as good old metal, including dressing as a leopard and being locked in a cage, and then having a lovely Indian dinner with my dad, brother and his girlfriend before getting the coach back to London yesterday :) I normally don't mind jumping on a coach instead of a train every now and then (I'm used to long-haul flights in coach so just sitting on a bus for a couple of hours is no big deal) but this was a bit of a grim journey as the bus was just TOO full. I do prefer train rides but can never resist saving £50 by getting the Megabus down from Middlesbrough instead >.<
Me & Kitty after our shoot in Newcastle :)

I had a "day off" today, which has really been spent at a beautician appointment (i'm now halfway through a course of laser treatments on my pits and bits which will stop the hair EVER growing back, how exciting technology is!!), emailing lots of photographers regarding upcoming tours (i'm going all over the world this year, phew!), and prepping for tomorrow's trip to Norfolk, where I'll be doing a grand total of five shoots in three days! and then getting the TRAIN home to London for a full day art nude workshop on Saturday, followed by a late dinner date with Lady Allura's Latex ;)

So I thought now would be a good time to catch up on my blogging and write about my first London Fashion Week runway show! I was really happy to be hired by Ecoluxe London, who put on a catwalk show of nothing but ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion during LFW. It was also the first time Liam got to see me do a proper high fashion show as I managed to get him in on the guest list :)

I posted a little Vine video before the show started. Still trying to get to grips with actually making GOOD videos on Vine, but it's certainly fun and change from just taking Instagram photos :)

I think this is my record for number of outfit changes in one show (six!) yet it seemed much easier than at other shows as I had my own personal dresser to help me :D She was super lovely, as was my MUA who kept running over to powder me and top up my lip gloss. I even managed to walk in my Fabulously Fetish snakeskin slingbacks without falling over ;)

From Australia, Green Embassy (click the pictures for larger versions!):

From New Zealand, Ghost Train:

From the UK, Fashion Cork (I was one of only two models for this designer!):

My gloves, bag, belt and umbrella were all made from cork! :D

Also from the UK, Ala Mairi:

 From Lebanon, Nadine Mneimneh:


By Stamo of Ecoluxe London:

 Loved the way the cloak billowed out as I walked :)

And some backstage snaps taken right after the show (still in Stamo's clothes):

 Me and my dresser, and me by myself, backstage after the show :)

After the show, Liam and I managed to snag a guest goodie bag (some pretty cool stuff including a re-usable coffee cup that I've used pretty much every day, mineral makeup, and organic lube!) and put away so much of the free wine and smoked salmon canapes that we were the very last to leave. So much for networking :p I've just had some nice new comp cards printed but really need to get into the habit of actually remembering to take them with me to places!

Now I must figure out what to have for dinner. The only thing I feel like is a giant mug of almond hot chocolate in the bath :p my train leaves at 6.25am tomorrow, so no time for a morning shower!