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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Black latex catsuit in the woods, yum! And check out my new hair colour!

So, over the last couple of days I have:
  • got a new haircut (as mentioned in previous blog!)
  • got a new(ish) hair colour- apricot instead of copper, which is much lighter/ brighter (see below!!!)
  • done a super-exciting casting type of thing that I can't talk about yet because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), argh! haha
  • arranged a cover shoot for my book, The Ugly Girl's Guide to Modelling, which is due out 31st October :D
  • ordered an amazing latex corset for the aforementioned cover shoot :D
  • organised which photos are going to go where in Ugly Girl and asked the respective photographers, who range from weekend hobbyists to industry legends, for permission to use them, and they all said yes :D bar two who I'm waiting to hear back from, but fingers crossed they'll say yes too :) Looking at the digital layout is so exciting now it's almost full of beautiful high-res colour photos. I can't wait till I have the last two internal images, and the edited cover images, in my hot little hands so I can order a test copy of the book! It's gotta be perfect :)
  • done a couple of outdoor photo shoots, including latex in the woods (BELOW!!!) and a romantic nighttime bridal shoot on a bridge over the Thames
 Photographer: Pete McCafferey | Latex catsuit: Murray and Vern | Tightlacing corset: Heavenly Corsets | Styling and location scouting: me :)
  • booked two studio days, one at Adrian Pini Studios in North London on 26th October and one at James Ward Photography Studio in Hertfordshire on 9th November, both of which are £50ph. Please leave a comment here or email me if you'd like to book :)
  • finally started redecorating my lounge, starting with putting up a white base coat. This will be useful for tomorrow as I'm shooting at home- it'll be convenient to have one or two plain white walls to shoot against, as well as a nice old-fashioned panel door, which will all require less retouching now they've had a fresh lick of paint :)
  • drafted (but not yet finished) an article for Nocturnal Girls on my nocturnal outdoor "streets of London" nude shoot with them- I hope it will make you smile :)
  • managed to ladder my stocking at a casting:
    Please click here if you'd like to buy it! Just select 'Beige with Contrast Black Seams' from the dropdown menu- you can either order this one by itself, or the pair :) First come, first serve, gentlemen!
  • booked a TV interview at my home for later this month- scary! Hence finally getting on with finishing the redecorating ;)
  • been invited to a movie premier in London- hell yes! Just hope my new comp cards arrive in time as I feel I will be networking my ass off... well, maybe
  • been invited to Perou's Bunker party next month :D
  • looking forward to London Fetish Weekend- I'll be on the catwalk and Lady Allura's Latex stall on the Saturday, if anyone spots me, do come up and say hello :) I won't bite ;)
  • I also somehow managed to squeeze in a couple of Pilates workouts somewhere :p
My schedule for tomorrow is just get up, clean the house from top to bottom for my shoot (including putting the lounge back together), shoot for 2 hours, do the last bit of base-coat painting in the lounge, finish writing my Nocturnal Girls article, then pack and get an early night for my fetish shoot on Friday, phew! It will be a good warm up for being at the London Fetish Weekend all day Saturday, that's for sure :D

I thrive on being busy but am trying to balance it with making a clear "time out" point in the day when I stop working and do something completely self-indulgent and non-work-related, e.g. having a candlelit bath and then watching Wayne's World in bed last night :)

Aaaaaand I just bought a massive Persian rug while typing this. Gotta love the internet. I would actually be completely screwed without it.

Good night!

Anita x