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Friday, 6 September 2013

Beyond Burlesque bridalwear by Dave Kai-Piper

Fun day today! I've been feeling a bit tired/ unmotivated for a little while now but an amazingly inspiring email from Ivory Flame has cheered me right up :) I'm pottering around my flat in London doing my own thing for a couple of days while Liam is visiting family in Somerset and feeling my energy levels slowly going back up.

I've been up at 7am or so the last couple of mornings getting back into Pilates, which always seems to get me back in shape within a week, as long as I stick at it! It's satisfying when you can feel yourself getting stronger :) Then I had my darling green smoothie and went to meet Simon Pinto to get my hair cut professionally for the first time in at least a year! After a couple of bad experiences with hairdressers doing unpredictable things to my hair I went back to just chopping the ends of myself in the bathroom when they felt like they needed it, haha. But then I got the itch to have a real, proper style again, rather than just an uninspiring longish mop.

The venue for the haircut was really cool- a barber's in Carnaby Street called Pankhurst, which seriously looks like somewhere James Bond would go to get his hair cut! if I was a bachelor, my whole flat would be decorated like their barbershop! I'm thinking of booking an appointment for a cut and shave for Liam for Christmas or something, with the proper cutthroat razor and hot towels and stuff. Totally what I would do if I was a dude!!

Simon and I came up with a haircut between us that I can make simple adjustments to to look either a) natural/ girl next door-like, b) vintage or c) punky, which is going to make my life so much easier and hairstyling so much quicker at shoots :D

After my appointment I inhaled a superfood salad from Pret as thanks to all my fussing and Simon's professional perfectionism, despite meeting at 11am we didn't finish cutting until 2pm, lol. I'm always starving for lunch by 1pm. Then I got the tube to Camden to buy hair dye from the market and other little treats for myself: three bunches of flowers and six bars of dark chocolate, totalling £7.77 from Lidl :p The house feels happier now that there are flowers and chocolates everywhere!

I'm also brightening up my colour a little, at least temporarily, to a kind of strawberry blonde/ apricot colour. My hair's actually blonde as I type this as I had to pre-lighten it! At least now I know that I can be blonde within 24 hours if anyone needs me to be for work! I just need to keep a box of the bleach in stock.

I'm doing a cool little conceptual shoot at home with Dan Hubbert tomorrow to capture the blonde-ness, then having a hair dye break, blow drying it and shooting some more with the new apricot colour! You'll have to wait til then to see me blonde as I don't seem to be able to get a good picture of it on my phone!

Here's a photo with my old hair, taken last month at a shoot for Beyond Burlesque bridalwear. The photographer was Dave Kai-Piper, who I'd met before but not actually shot with, so it was good to finally work together :)

I think this is my favourite shot of the day. It feels more editorial and like a modernised version of a pre-Raphaelite lady reclining in some sort of enchanted woodland (actually, a garden in Crouch End :p). If I remember correctly, Belinda said that this dress was inspired by/ a homage to Dita's wedding dress, which was made by Vivienne Westwood, the company Belinda designs for when she's not doing her own thing with Beyond Burlesque :)

But I also like this catalogue shot... I felt like such a Disney princess in this dress, it was amazing!

I must go and make my detox tea and go to bed now as it's 10.30 pm!! Gotta be fresh for 7am Pilates ;)

Anita xx