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Friday, 9 August 2013

The making of Jessie J's 'It's My Party' music video (new single)

In case you hadn't already guessed from me suddenly RT'ing Jessie J last month, it was her music video I was shooting, I just wasn't allowed to say at the time ;) Now it's been released, I can blab, blab, blab!

I got picked up from my house at 4 am and driven to Malcolm Ryan Studios to shoot the video. We weren't even allowed to tweet our location in case we got overrun by a flash-mob of Jessie fans, but it just so happened that my friend Perou was shooting a billboard ad for a new Fox show upstairs, which was a nice surprise. I'm not sure us playing 'It's My Party' a million times at a million decibels for 16 hours was a nice surprise for him, though :p

Wardrobe liked the outfit I wore to the audition so much that they asked me to wear it in the video :) It's been a while since I teamed a black fishnet top with a dog collar, but turns out, it's like riding a bike ;) I did get a cool biker jacket to wear in one scene, in fact, so I could give it to Jessie at our punk party :) It's a gorgeous jacket, but I was glad to be rid of it; it was SO hot to rave for hours under the boiling hot studio lights in a leather coat!

Jessie's professionalism genuinely blew my mind. She had 100% energy on the first take, 100% energy on the second take, 100% energy on the nineteenth take, and every shot of her (from what I could tell) was perfect and looked effortless, although she must have been even hotter and more tired than the rest of us as she had to shoot a separate solo scene too.

Jessie was singing to herself in between takes when shots were being set up and so on, and my gosh, her voice really is amazing. It has an absolutely pure sound, and trickles completely freely and naturally, like running water, yet is held in perfect and light control. I don't think her records really show what she can do, maybe because then they'd be a bit much for the average pop fan to handle ;) I bet she's good live, though.

Here's a pic Jessie posted on her Instagram of the director and crew filming us in our little party rooms:

 Sorry to go on like a bit of a fangirl, but Jessie was also one of the nicest and most genuine/ down-to-earth people I've ever worked with. I'm pretty sure she'll never read this, I'm just saying it 'cos it's true ;)

Anyway... here's the actual video for 'It's My Birthday' :) Hope you like!