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Monday, 22 July 2013

Fuck your fake morals

I lol'd at the 50s movie censors scene in The Notorious Bettie Page, where Irvin Klaw is told he's not allowed to sell bondage movies, despite bondage scenes appearing in mainstream movies like King Kong.

I lol'd when I found out that my blog is banned in China. Ah, silly, backward old China. Lol lol.

I'm laughing on the other side of my bloody face now. Consenting adult actors portraying fantasy BDSM scenes for other consenting adults CAUSES RAPE? There is NO HARD EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS CLAIM- quite the opposite, in fact. How come the countries with the most relaxed porn laws have the lowest incidence of rape (i.e. the Netherlands and Japan), hmmmmm?

Moral posturing to gain political points is one thing but criminalising a minority group based on their sexuality to gain political points is quite another. OBVIOUSLY, I'm in favour of the bit about targeting people who try to access child porn. But lumping paedos and kinksters into the same group is dangerous. Is there any precedent for a legal act (in this case, consenting adults having sex with each other) being illegal to have recordings of? It's okay to do it, but not to record it?

Is anyone going to change the law to improve the way we deal with ACTUAL rape? There is currently no minimum jail term for rape under English law, for a start. THAT'S horrific. THAT'S immoral. But it seems that Cameron doesn't consider it a priority when there are consenting fetishists to be victimised.