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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Who is the real Anita?

Seeing as I posted an "industry" blog for photographers today, I thought I should also post a personal blog for you, as the work stuff is probably less interesting for you :)

I am so tired right now! I spent the whole day perfecting my little 1930s apartment in North London! Ever since I saw Rita Hayworth's sparkling silver satin boudoir in Gilda at the National Portrait Gallery with my friend Hannah Ashlea I wanted to create my own Golden Age of Hollywood starlet's walk-up, like the big studios used to actually give to their stars! (I'm a modern-day nude/ fetish/ glamour model though, so I have to create my own!) When they took on a budding new starlet like Marlene Dietrich they would actually give her a pre-decorated little apartment to live, as glamorous and luxurious-looking as possible, so that it would look fabulous and maintain the actress' public image when she was giving interviews and having photo shoots there. They saw this as a wise investment as it would so increase the actress' chances of success, at which point she would move out and buy her own place. I love the idea of a three-dimensional character who doesn't clock off at 5 pm and change out of her corset and nylons and into a tracksuit to veg out in an ugly house! Yuck! How horrible would that be?! Anyway, my bedroom and kitchen are now complete, with the exception of curtains, which I will sew when I have a moment. The lounge is looking pretty good but needs re-painting and flock wallpaper hanging. I want Duck Egg Blue, a very pretty shade that should contrast nicely with all the bold, stylised pieces I have in there. My piece de resistance will be a vintage bear or leopard rug, when I find one that isn't too expensive! I want to do a nude shoot on one in front of a roaring fire...

In other news, I have been adding clothing to my wish list like crazy! There are just too many beautiful corsets, latex pieces, stockings, lingerie, leather, silk, satin, velvet and nylon in the world! I figure it can't hurt to just list them all on there, along with all my vintage movies and fetish picture books...

Maybe it's my diversity that leads to such long wish lists, as these photos by the world's #1 wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis, demonstrate. They were taken over two days and I was allowed to do all my own styling. I feel like running some sort of contest or vote for "who is the real Anita?"!

The third image is entirely courtesy of my new hairspray, far superior in its stickiness than Elnette or Schwarzkopf, imo, although the downside is that it's much tougher to comb out.

It's worth it for perfect hair, though! That's just as important whether you are being a vintage siren, a nude muse or a fetish queen...

Love and kisses,

Anita xxx