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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shopping for me, shopping for you!- and my first ever magazine ad from 2007!

This week was a week of fittings- not for fashion shows or photo shoots, but for my personal collection that I buy purely for my own pleasure. No doubt they will turn up in my photo shoots, though! There is really no separation between my work and my life.

Firstly I went to Fabulously Fetish to be measured for a new pair of heels. I wear 6" black patent stilettos all the time so it makes sense to get a really comfortable bespoke pair made just for me. They will keep a note of my feet so that they can make my shoes to fit perfectly in future without me needing to come to the actual shop. I could be in Paris, Tokyo, New York or Hong Kong and still be able to order the perfect pair of heels! Isn't the internet wonderful? There is nothing like the feeling of a really great pair of high heels, especially teamed with fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings, a corset and a satin or leather pencil skirt, of course! Mmmmm. If the shoes are as good as I'm hoping then I'd love to go back and create a signature "Anita" design with the team. I never thought I'd meet people who love and understand high heels like Fabulously Fetish do!

Next I will visit Atsuko Kudo to get measured for a bra set in their signature lace-print latex. She makes latex for lots of celebrities like Lady Gaga (who I saw in concert just last week, courtesy of a friend of a friend) and Kate Moss. It will look wonderful with my new 6" heels!

Finally, I ordered a new bespoke tightlacing corset from Heavenly Corsets, my first overbust corset with them. It will be in pure scarlet satin with a matching vintage-style suspender belt. It's been too long since I had a Heavenly Corset made! I am forever indebted to Elle, the owner, for making my first waist training corsets, answering all my questions and helping train my waist down from 28" to 19" during my final year at university, when I was modelling pin-up in my spare time and spending my student loans on corsets, red lipstick and train tickets to work with photographers all over the country! My first magazine advert was a full page in Scarlet for Heavenly Corsets in 2007. I did my own makeup at the shoot and was blown away to actually see it in print in the shops with my name alongside. That was really thrilling for me.

Taking a little "me time" away from actual shooting and finding time to catch my breath, so to speak, has been so beneficial. It's lovely to have time to do normal things like shopping, taking long candlelit baths and simply gazing out of my bedroom window and thinking.

I've decided that I would really like to do more photo shoots that YOU want to see. It's not all about me, is it? It's about US! :) Do you have a particular fantasy photo or even video that you'd just love to see me bring to life? I'm sure you do! One fan recently emailed me to ask me to do a sexy 1950s secretary photo shoot. That sounds perfect to me, what a great idea! I even bought pair of vintage 1950s glasses to go with my chignon and fountain pen!

Just need to see if my local Specsavers can fit them with my prescription!

If you have any ideas, thoughts or fantasies, then please:
  • leave them in a blog comment, below
  • Tweet them to me @AnitaDeBauch 
  • email them to me at
  • or whisper them to me anonymously here
I can't wait to sit down at my computer and read them!

Yours in sweet anticipation!

Anita xoxox