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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Swap Shop! Or TFS (Time For Stuff)!

Following up on my last blog re: attempting to minimise my buying of brand new things and trying to swap/ trade instead of using money where possible, I have compiled a list of things I am currently looking for for my home (I'm redecorating!). If you have anything on this list and would like to swap it for modelling time (if you are a photographer), items you might have seen in my photos, personalised gifts and signed memorabilia from my Shop, or anything else you think I might have, please let me know! You can leave a comment here or email and we can get trading :D
  • Carpentry skills! Attaching a divan headboard to a bed it totally wasn't designed for :)
  • White ostrich feathers, up to 18" long
  • Silver flock wallpaper to cover a 3.6 m2 area
  • Silver blackout curtains
  • Three-part folding dressing table mirror
  • Silver velvet or chenille storage footstool/ pouffe
  • Silver satin valance sheet/ bed skirt, king size
  • Pair deco lady lamps, small-ish!
  • Blue Chinese palace lantern
  • Baby pink whistling kettle
  • 4 x baby pink pedal bins
  • B&Q 'Lemon Fizz' everywhere paint
  • B&Q 'Duck Egg' everywhere paint
  • Interior emulsion paint in a bold shade of blue
  • Taxidermy peacock (I can try!)
 I think I will decorate this blog with a latex nuns photo by Chris Zietek from my recent trip to Casares, Spain, on the basis that lots of latex photos is a good thing, especially on days like today when it's a bit too hot to be wearing this much of it in comfort ;)

Second model: Anetta | Latex: either Honour or Westward Bound, I can't remember >.< | Makeup: models' own

I've got my first proper photo shoot with my cat, Dexter, tonight, that is, the first one that we've been officially booked together for. He has leapt in front of the camera unexpectedly once or twice at shoots, but that doesn't count ;) I was going to bring his sister, Lilith, as well, but she was really ill yesterday so I don't want to do anything to upset her. It'll just be me and Dexter modelling tonight!

So far I've manicured, cleansed, moisturised and conditioned us both, and now I need to sew part of my wardrobe. Then it'll be time for an afternoon snack (melon, I think!) followed by packing up Dexter's gear, then doing my hair, having a big salad followed by a veggie "omelette" for dinner, makeup, wardrobe, packing up my own gear and heading to Camden at 7.30 pm... for a 2 hour shoot! So much of it is in the prep!

Bye bye for now, and don't forget to leave a comment or mail me if you have something you'd like to trade!

Anita xx