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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lunchtime peepshow!

A fun little stop-motion video I made with photographer Phil Nicholls (I will link him when I find his website URL!) in my home on another rainy Saturday afternoon :)

Mackintosh: Burberry | Latex: Anatomic Bomb | Soundtrack: Korla Pandit (1951) | Male model: Dexter ;)

I'd like to experiment with this idea more in the future, perhaps with using more zooms, changing scenes and introducing other "characters" within the same movie :)

My boyfriend is visiting his parents this weekend so the apartment seems a little emptier than usual. I'm taking advantage of his absence by having a spring clean, getting the measuring tape and notepads out and planning the apartment's vintage facelift in more detail! I can't wait to have time to really turn it into my dream Golden Era starlet's city walk-up, with every detail just so. I know I won't be living here forever, but I think it's good to leave a place more beautiful than it was when you arrived, not to mention avoid the horrid reality of Minimalist decor! There will not be a single drop of Brilliant White paint or twig of Swedish pine plywood anywhere in the whole place, believe me!!

It will also be full of flowers at all times. I love flowers. What girl doesn't?! I'll leave you with a photo of a pink bouquet I found hidden in my wardrobe a few hours after my boyfriend left yesterday (sorry if you already saw it on Twitter)...

Lots of love,

Anita xoxo