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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Video: What Katie Did Spring/ Summer 2012 Lingerie Show!

The show video from the What Katie Did Spring/ Summer 2012 Lingerie Show was released on 23rd April, but I've been so busy with photo shoots and discussions with clients and potential clients that this completely escaped my notice until a couple of days ago! Sorry about that!

Here it is in its full chronological glory:
Part 1: Lingerie Show!
Part 2: Stocking Striptease by Miss Miranda!
Part 3: Swimwear Show!
Part 4: Photo shoot/ after party ;) This section might be useful for "Ugly Girls" to see some video footage of pin-up models going through sequences of poses and expressions :)

I was the only one drinking water instead of champagne because straight after the WKD show I had to scoot off to Night Knight's SHOWstudio to meet director Marie Schuller and her team and make the risqué fashion film Oyster, which Nick is now showcasing on the SHOWstudio website! This was a wonderful surprise for us, as it is so unusual for him to feature anything that wasn't specifically commissioned, so he must really like it! xD

On the theme of "fashion fetish", I will decorate this blog with another little preview from the De Bauchery Lounge, the members' area of that will be open for membership soon (thank you to everyone who has requested to be on the Guest List... the first 40 De Bauchery Lounge members will receive presents from me! Email with subject line GUEST LIST if you'd like to be notified when membership is available!)! This really must be the last preview though... I don't want to get overexcited and give too much away...

This photograph is straight off the camera, with no "airbrushing" or any other digital trickery ;) I hope you like it!

Shoes: Fabulously Fetish, stockings and suspender belt: What Katie Did | Photographer: Peter Whitfield @ KVmedia Studios | Styling: moi xxx