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Friday, 24 February 2012

A Dangerous Method

I've been getting some good/ interesting questions on my Formspring lately! If you haven't had a go already, you can submit an anonymous question right now and I'll promise to answer it on Facebook and Twitter!

Yesterday I took myself to The Phoenix Cinema to see A Dangerous Method. As I may have mentioned before, I just love seeing movies at The Phoenix! It's Britain's oldest cinema and has its original 1930s art deco interiors! It is even in a scene in Interview with the Vampire, another old favourite. Anyway, A Dangerous Method was very good. I forgot my glasses so I had to sit by myself in the very front row. You can't really go wrong with a period film about psychoanalysis with corsets and spanking, in my book! I much prefer Keira Knightley as a kinky drooling Russian maniac than in any of her other roles. All the sets and locations were stunning, of course, and I loved the costuming, especially Mrs Jung's dresses and hats. She looked the very epitome of purity. I will definitely be getting it on Blu-ray when it comes out!

This morning saw me first in at the Coco de Mer sample sale to shop camisoles, knickers, suspender belts and bras. I tell you I was in lingerie heaven! I eventually came away with a gorgeous two-tone satin boned cami and a boned pair of fringed knickers that will go amazingly well with that fringed blindfold I won in the Fräulein Kink competition! Hopefully I will be shooting them on Saturday, when I am doing a shoot based around my namesake, the Wiemar Berlin actress, model, performance artist and all-round nutcase Anita Berber. I can't wait!

After shopping Coco de Mer I came home for lunch and watched a good old movie, Cover Girl, starring Rita Hayworth!

She is such a fashion inspiration for me! In fact, take me to see any period film and I'll enjoy it for the costuming, at least! I just recently saw The Artist (at The Phoenix, of course) and loved every second!

The 1920s and 30s are probably my favourite periods style-wise but my favourite movies mostly come from the 50s, when there was that great blend of romantic comedy with the birth of realistic/ method acting. Some of my favourite movies of all time are Marilyn flicks, of course, like How to Marry a Millionaire and Some Like it Hot!

I adore Marilyn's dresses in How to Marry a Millionaire!

Some Like It Hot might have been made for my tastes- a 1950s Marilyn movie set in the 1920s! How perfect is that??

Right now I am watching the original 1940s The Postman Always Rings Twice while answering my emails (yes, I do read every email you guys send me! I promise to reply, even if it sometimes takes a while!). I really need to see the remake with Jack Nicholson! Perhaps I should put it on my wish list! I originally set up a wish list at my family's request as they never know what to buy me for Christmas and birthdays, but then figured I may as well make it public and contain everything from knickers and stockings to my dream car, just in case one of you reading this happens to be an eccentric millionaire or something!! A girl can dream!

Love and kisses xxx