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Monday, 20 February 2012

Behind the scenes video from a boudoir/ vintage lingerie photo shoot feat. the Yerburys!

I got sent this great behind the scenes video from the SWPP Convention in January that I'd like to share! It shows me modelling for the Yerburys' Boudoir Academy in a 5* Mayfair hotel. It's perfect for those who like to see the photos being taken as well as the photos themselves! You'll see me appear in my corset, stockings and suspenders around the 1:55 mark, after the fully dressed models have left ;)

The Yerburys are a famous portraiture husband and wife team, in case you didn't know! Trevor Yerbury's father and grandfather were both society photographers too, and Faye Yerbury is the only hairstylist I know who can do truly authentic fingerwaved hair, a method learned from her mother, who in turn learned to do it firsthand in the 1920s! On this particular day though, Faye had me wear a bobbed black wig, Clara Bow style!

Wearing wigs is fun. It always brings out new sides of my personality!

I'm growing my own hair out at the moment. I like the idea of having long, luxuriously waved red hair flowing down my back! I don't think I will even get it trimmed until just before I go on tour in Ireland in the summer! I hope it will be down to my collarbones by then (it's just below my chin right now)! We'll see!

I was also filmed as an extra in Made in Chelsea yesterday! I think the rest of the cast was a little confused by my 1940s get-up- with the exception of one in particular, who made it very clear he rather liked it, although I'm too much of a lady to say who, of course! I'm sure I was the only girl there wearing stockings and suspenders instead of tights! I'm not allowed to breathe a word more about the shoot until the episode comes out on TV, on pain of death, I think!!

Anyway, I must go now- my gorgeous friend Madame Bink is coming to my abode for a sleepover :D