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Friday, 25 November 2011

Time travel in Hong Kong, with added latex and boobies, part 2

 Photographer: George Swift | Latex knickers: Cathouse Clothing | Styling: me

 On my way to Central Hong Kong yesterday morning

Yesterday I took the ferry to Central to visit the oldest teahouse in Hong Kong, Luk Yu. It was built in 1933 in the Chinese art deco style- deco and tea being two of my favourite things in the world!- and has been described as:

"... a half-century-old living monument to the sedate elegance of old Hong Kong. Stained-glass murals and massive framed scrolls decorate white walls. The teahouse's original black ceiling fans spin lazily in the air-conditioned rooms. Mirrored and marbled private wooden booths are conspiratorial businessmen's havens. To go for yum cha at the Luk Yu is to enter another era." <3

Beautiful Chinese deco frieze near my table in the Luk Yu. Apparently chickens symbolise queens or queenliness

I loved it so much that after having morning tea, I stayed on for a traditional dim sum lunch, just absorbing and appreciating the beauty of the place. I love to find these little pockets of the world where the beautiful tradition of treating the aesthetics of our surroundings as an important, indeed, necessary art form, is still being honoured.

Anyway! After sensing it was time to leave the Luk Yu Teahouse (one should always leave inspiring places before one starts to feel restless) I decided to learn more about Hong Kong tea culture by visiting the Museum of Tea Ware (yes, really).

 Freaky teapots

 A teacup handpainted with flowers to represent each month of the year <3 Explanation of what they all are here

I kind of want to get a traditional Chinese teaset now that I've learned the basics of how to serve tea the Chinese way; I also have detailed instructions on how to serve oolong, which is one of my favourites!

After the museum, I spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering the 140 year-old Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world.

Lots of people seemed to be getting married there yesterday. Loved this lilac Rolls I spotted, with the driver snoozing in the front seat!

 Photo I stole from the internet of a golden lion tamarin because none of my photos came out :p I LOVE THESE ANIMALS. Their hair is the same colour as mine and they have ORANGE MOUSTACHES. OH YES!

 Bali Mynah bird. These little guys had no fear of humans AT ALL! :D

 Chinese Alligator. So little and cute <3

I treated myself to Yoppi for dinner; one of the  many things I love about Hong Kong is the abundance of frozen yoghurt places and freshly squeezed juice stalls!

As soon as it started to get dark, I rode the ferry back to Kowloon so that I could see the city from the waters in the evening light. It was worth the wait :)

Back in Kowloon and still hyped up on TEA, I visited the Initial Fashion Cafe for my first cup of Japanese green tea. I'd been told it's a bit of an acquired taste, but it just tasted like really nice green tea to me. I'm looking forward to drinking it again in Tokyo next month!