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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sex and the City (of Hong Kong)

Mmmmmmmmmmm, suuuuch a relaxing, self-indulgent day yesterday ^^

 Photography and wardrobe styling: Adam Robertson | Hair and makeup: me
27.11.11 EDIT: The rest of this photo set is now available to view on Zivity! If you don't already have a Zivity account, let me know and I'll send you a free 30 day trial so you can take a look ;)

Woke up with one of the worst cases of "Model's Back" ever (when your entire back is sore and knotted from endlessly posing and transporting suitcases) so cancelled my touristing plans and went to the Tai Pan spa instead, which is just around the corner from my hotel. It was so lovely that I'll definitely be going back and recommending it to my friends- it's cheap, chic and the foot soak, Chinese full body massage, head massage and hand massage were absolute lifesavers!

Entrance to Tai Pan spa

Gotta love spas with shrines ^^

Having had my leg and back muscles unknotted, especially my right shoulder, which was completely mullered from dragging around my most recent enormous leopard print handbag, I decided to go and knot them all up again by walking to the Ladies' Market and spending the afternoon/ evening SHOPPING ;)

At the implied advice of my shoulder (ahem) I bought a new handbag, which is better than the old one not least because it has lots of internal compartments. I spent a very pleasant 15 minutes or so back at the hotel clearing everything out of my old bag and arranging where each item is going to live in my new bag. I like doing things like that >.<

And of course, I also had to buy the matching purse and makeup bag for my little "on the go basics" makeup (as opposed to my full makeup collection, which requires its own telescopic carry case and separate roll bag for brushes etc)!

I also bought a Christmas gift for my "niece" (Liam's little cousin) who is obsessed with Hello Kitty at the moment. I picked out the only non-pink Hello Kitty item I could find ;) And it also promotes healthy eating. Hurrah!

My camera freaked out and refused to switch on on the way back to the hotel, then magically started working again once I was back in my room. It had better not stop working or I'll have to stop posting these huge, long, pointless travel blogs ;p

Now I'm off to catch me a ferry! :D