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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nu Nudes, my first 10 words in Malay & full page in Professional Imagemaker :)

Feel free to skip my tourist waffle and go straight to the nudey pics ;p

Had a really long day yesterday- spent four hours walking around Kuala Lumpur Botanical Gardens in boiling hot weather and then had a photo shoot 8 pm - midnight! Today I walked to the National Museum, National Mosque and Islamic Arts Museum, and tomorrow I plan to check out the Orchid Gardens (love orchids!) and a couple of temples :)

I'm attempting in a very half-arsed sort of way to make a record of all the Asian words that I pick up while I'm on tour this time, starting with Malay, seeing as I'm in KL! "Hello" seems to be universal, which is useful, but it may mean something else too as strange men keep saying it to me as though it were some sort of chat-up line. There are some Western women around, but most have some degree of tan and I've not seen any other redheads so I suppose I stick out.

  • jalan - street or road
  • taman - garden or park
  • burong - birds
  • negara - national
  • kopi - coffee
  • gula - sugar
  • mee - thick white noodles (I have seen "beef ball mee" advertised which I can only assume is Malaysian spaghetti and meatballs)
  • soba - thin yellow noodles, nicer than mee imo
  • Ingerriss (sp?) - English
  • sila - please (I don't know how to say thank you yet, so I just say it in English and smile a lot)
  • tarik - pull (I forget what "push" is. Must check next time I go into a 7-11)

Anyway, if you haven't already seen my latest nude photos on, here they are for you :) I had a vertical strip light on either side of me and enjoyed moving back and forward to work and play with the light and shadows. My favourite spot ended up being where the light was dramatic over the body, rather than soft :)

Photographer: George Swift | Styling: me

Oh, and anyone who has a copy of the October - November 2011 issue of Professional Imagemaker, check out the full page photo of me in modelling on a golden beach in Malta on page 51 :) Thanks for letting me know, James!

EDIT: I just remembered another one, so now it's my first 11 words in Malay :D